Nike Air Force 1 Lace Length & Size Chart

Nike Air Force 1s are such an iconic pair of shoes and they are still worn daily from individuals all over the world. The timeless design along with the shoe's versatility, allows people to rock the shoes with basically any outfit for almost any situation.

We always get questions on AF1s and people asking "how many inches are Air Force One laces?" So we figured it would be best to put everything into a blog post that outlines everything you need to know from Nike Air Force 1 lace length to AF1 shoe sizing.

Nike Air Force 1 Size Chart

Number of Eyelet Pairs Recommended Lace Length in Inches
Recommended Lace Length in Centimetres
Lace Width (Inches/Milimetres)
7 54" 137cm 0.31"/0.55mm
8 54" 137cm 0.31"/0.55mm

Number of Eyelet Pairs on Nike AF1

For regular Nike Air Force 1s, they will have 8 shoelace pairs (eyelet pairs). On smaller sizes, the Nike AF1s might have 7 eyelet pairs, however the lace length will remain the same across the two size variations.

Air Force 1 Eyelet Lace Length Sizing

How long are Air Force 1 laces?

The best Nike Air Force 1 lace length measures 54 inches or 137 centimetres. The width of an AF1 shoelace is 8mm wide.

Nike Air Force 1 Stock Shoelace & Dubrae

What type of shoelaces do Nike AF1s use?

Nike Air Force 1s use flat laces and the original AF1 model comes with white laces. However, lace swaps are very common with the Air Forces, especially colored laces. Some popular colors include; cream, grey, blue, red, and pink.

What type of shoelace on Nike Air Force 1

Do Air Force 1 shoes fit to size?

Nike Air Force 1s typically fit larger in size. We would recommend that you go half a size down from your regular shoe size.

Nike Air Force Ones are a bit longer in length on feet compared to a regular sneaker. So someone who wears a size 8.5 in Nike Roshes, should size down to a 8 in AF1s. If you want an even tighter fit, you could probably size down a full size.

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