Nike Air Jordan 1 Lace Length & Size Chart

If you're a sneakerhead or a Michael Jordan fan, you've probably heard of the Air Jordan 1. These shoes are infamous for many reasons and in today's sneaker world, the Air Jordan 1 sneakers are highly sought after. Most new AJ1 releases selling out in seconds, while older model Jordan 1's reselling for thousands.

There are three different variations of the Air Jordan 1; the high top, the mid top, and the low top. Since these shoes vary in height, they each have different shoelace lengths. We've created an in-depth size chart to help you figure out the best Air Jordan 1 lace length for your basketball shoes!

Jordan Shoe Model
Number of Eyelet Pairs (shoelace holes) Lace Length in Inches Lace Length in Centimetres Lace Width
Jordan 1 High 9 72" 183cm
Jordan 1 Mid 8 63" 160cm
Jordan 1 Low 6 54" 137cm

Number of Eyelet Pairs on Each AJ1 Model

Air Jordan 1 Eyelet Lace Sizing

What type of laces do Jordan 1's use?

The Nike Air Jordan 1's use flat shoelaces that are 8mm wide. Each model Jordan 1 comes with different colored laces, but most shoe models come with standard white laces.

How long are Jordan 1 laces?

The length of your Air Jordan laces are dependant on the Jordan model along with the number of eyelet pairs on your shoes. Since there are three types of AJ1 models, you'll need to count the shoelace hole pairs and use the chart to locate the best shoelaces for your sneakers.

Air Jordan 1 Shoelace Lengths

Air Jordan 1 High Shoelace Length

The Air Jordan 1 High model uses a shoelace length of 72 inches/183cm and a lace width of 8mm. Since the Jordan High model typically has 9 eyelet pairs, the longer shoelaces will work best.

Typically a 65 inch lace comes with the Nike AJ1s, however, it is recommended to size up to the 72 inch laces for added length for easy lacing.

Air Jordan 1 High Shoelace Length

Air Jordan 1 Mid Shoelace Length

For the Air Jordan 1 Mid, we recommend that you use a 63 inch/160cm shoelace length. Once again, because the Mid model comes with 8 pairs of shoelace holes, the best shoestring length would be to use the 63 inch laces.

The stock laces that come with the Mid model is the same at 63 inches, which we think is the perfect size. But, if you would like to have some added length to your laces, then you can size up to the 72 inch laces.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Lace Length

Air Jordan 1 Low Shoelace Length

Since the Nike Air Jordan 1 Low model has 6 eyelet pairs, the best lace length would be the 54 inch/137cm shoelaces. Remember that the width for all Jordan 1 shoelaces are 8mm and the shoes all use flat laces.

The stock laces that with typical Jordan 1 Lows are 57 inches/145cm in length so if you would like some extra shoestring length, you can size up to the 63 inch/160cm shoelaces.

Air Jordan 1 Low Shoelace Length

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