Adidas Ultra Boost Lace Length & Size Chart

The Adidas Ultra Boost shoe is an iconic model for the brand and if you've owned a pair, you know they are one of the comfiest pair of sneakers to ever be made.

There are several variations of the Ultra Boost model which differ in color along with slight design modifications every year. The regular Ultra Boost model has different version which started from the 1.0 and is now currently at version 4.0.

For a shoe that is so popular, we found it was difficult to find a proper guide that outlined the best shoelace length for Ultra Boost sneakers. We decided to compile the information we had to create this detailed size chart and length guide for the Adidas UltraBoost.

Adidas Shoe Model Number of Eyelet Pairs Recommended Lace Length in Inches
Recommended Lace Length in Centimetres
Lace Type
Ultra Boost Uncaged 3 36" 91cm Rope/Round
Ultra Boost  4 45" 114cm Rope/Round

What is the best Adidas Ultra Boost lace length?

The best Adidas Ultra Boost lace length is 45 inch/114cm for shoes with 4 eyelet pairs.

Since Ultra Boost have an Uncaged model which have 3 shoelace hole pairs, we would recommend sizing down to 36 inch/91cm laces for the best fit.

How many eyelet holes are in a pair of Ultra Boost shoes?

So if we look at the length & size chart above, we can see that there are two different models of UltraBoost shoes. One is an Uncaged version which has 3 eyelet pairs, so 6 shoelace holes total on the shoe.

On the regular Ultra Boost model, there are 4 eyelet hole pairs, so 8 shoelace holes in total on the sneaker.

Ultra Boost Lace Measurements

What type of laces do Adidas Ultra Boost use?

The Adidas Ultra Boost sneaker uses rope or round shoelaces for the best look and for easy lacing.

Additionally, you can use flat shoelaces to lace your Ultra Boost. This isn't as common, however, it gives the sneaker a unique look and makes for a cool change.

Adidas Ultra Boost Shoelace Type

Adidas UltraBoost Shoe Sizing - Do they fit true to size?

Adidas UltraBoost fit snug on your feet and if you have wider feet, it is recommended to size up half a size (+0.5) for a more relaxed fit.

For reference, someone wearing a size 8.5 in most Nike shoes would size up to a size 9 in Adidas UltraBoost sneakers.

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