New Balance Shoelace Length & Size Guide

New Balance shoes are some of the comfiest shoes to walk in. Although the company produces a variety of running shoes, New Balance is also known for their ability to produce amazing street shoes that are highly sought after.

With the emergence of the "dad shoe" making a huge come back to the market, we're starting to see many individuals rock New Balances and some of the older silhouettes. If you're looking to replace your laces or to swap your current New Balance shoelaces, we're here to help you find the perfect lace length.

Here's a full length chart and size guide to help you find the best shoelace type and size for your New Balance shoes!

Number of Eyelets (Shoelace Holes) Recommended Shoelace Length in Inches Recommended Shoelace Length in Centimetres New Balance Shoe Model
4 27" 69cm
  • New Balance 247
5 36" 91cm
  • New Balance 992
  • New Balance 860
6 40" 102cm
  • New Balance 990
  • New Balance 574
  • New Balance 997
  • New Balance RC 1300
  • New Balance 327
7 45" 114cm
  • New Balance Pro Court
  • New Balance 998
  • New Balance 1500
  • New Balance 650
8 54" 137cm
  • N/A
9 60" 152cm
  • N/A
10 63" 160cm
  • N/A

How long are New Balance shoelaces?

New Balance lace length varies in size and mainly depends on the number of shoelace hole pairs (eyelets) that your shoe model holds. Some of the most popular New Balance models typically have 7 eyelet pairs and thus would have a shoelace length of 45inches/114cm.

What type of laces do New Balance shoes use?

The majority of New Balance lace types are flat, however, certain models use round or rope shoelaces. The best way to check would be to look at the laces in person or to Google the model of shoe you have.